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Jason's Taxidermy

Is located in Fargo, ND and serves a wide variety of taxidermy needs from Central/Eastern ND to the Twin Cities. Jason's Taxidermy prides itself on customer service and providing professional taxidermy work. Jason's Taxidermy picks up and delivers mounts along Interstate 94 from Jamestown, ND to the Twin Cities.

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- Gameheads - Shoulder Mounts - Upland Game Birds - Waterfowl - Rugs -Freeze Dry - Lifesize
- Habitat Bases - Dioramas - Drift Wood - Glass Cases - End Tables - Coffee Tables -


I have been an avid outdoorsman my whole life. I perfected my craft with my father who has been a full time professional taxidermist for over 40 years in Elk River, MN. I live for hunting and fishing. As a professional taxidermist, I know how wildlife looks and behaves. I enjoy making every mount as life-like as possible for my customers. At Jason's Taxidermy, I use the best products and materials to ensure a mount that lasts! I enjoy using my knowledge of wildlife, unique ideas, and my customers' stories to make my taxidermy work come to life.



Jason Brunell
State and Federally Licensed Taxidermist
(763) 354-4538