Jason Brunell's Taxidermy

Water Fowl

Pedestal Pintail Mount

Common Eiders – Table Mount

Landing Snow Goose

Bluebill – Pedestal Mount

Drake Wood Ducks

Flying Drake Widgeon

Pedestal Wood Duck Mount

Adult Snow Goose – Pedestal

Drake Blue Wing Teal

Bufflehead – Round Habitat

Snow Goose – Cattail Habitat

Common Eiders (Sea Ducks)

Cupped Specklebelly Goose

"Deadhang" – Blue Goose

Diving Common Eider

Drake Buffleheads

Canvasback – Snow Habitat

Drake Pintail

Eagle Head and Snow Goose

Specklebelly Goose – Flying

Tundra Swan - Flying

Flying Blue Goose

“Coming Down” Bufflehead

Pair of Common Eiders

Flying Drake Widgeon

Landing Mallard

Flying Redhead

Pintail – Glass Case

Snow Goose - Glass Case

Green-Wing Glass Case

Green-Wing Teal – Rock Habitat

Green-Wing Teal - Standing

Drake Widgeon - Landing

Landing – Specklebelly Goose

Landing Wall Mount

Landing Mallard – Side View

Snow Goose – Corn Scene

Bluebill – “In Flight Wings”

Ross Goose – “Maple Leafing”

Pair of ND Canvasbacks

Mallard Pedestal

Snow Goose – “Back View”

Bufflehead End Table

Waterfowl End Table

Pintail – Walnut Habitat

Sea Ducks

"Deadhang" – 360 View

Specklebelly Diorama

Standing Drake Wood Duck

Wood Duck – Table Mount

Standing Gadwall

Canada - String Mount

Swimming Mandarin

Swimming Wood Duck

Tipping Green-Wing Teal

Green-Wing Teal Pedestal

“Maple Leafing” Ross

Speck and Blue -"Deadhang"

Canadian - Greater

Diving Common Eider

Sea Ducks – Rock Habitat

Canadian - Lesser

Blue and Cackler "Deadhang"

Snow Goose

Specklebelly – Wall Mount

Pair of Pintails

Quill Lake Goose

Speck "Deadhang"

Pair of "Deadhangs"

Widgeon and Pintail

Standing Widgeon

Wood Duck Pedestal Mount

Jason Brunell
State and Federally Licensed Taxidermist
(763) 354-4538