Jason Brunell's Taxidermy

Prices: Turkey

Turkey Options

Turkey: Beard $15.00
Turkey: Spurs (2) $15.00
Turkey: Legs (2) $30.00
Turkey: Tail $60.00
Turkey: Wings (2) $80.00
Turkey: Head $175.00
Turkey Pelt (New style) $395.00
Hen Decoy Mount $450.00
Tom Decoy Mount (Starting) $525.00
Flying Turkey (Full Body) $650.00
Dead hang Turkey (Full Body) $650.00
Strutting Turkey (Full Body) $695.00
Gobbling Turkey (Full Body) $695.00
Other Turkey Options Call

Habitat Options

Oak and Walnut Panels Call
Wall Mounted Gobbling Limb Call
Diorama Bases Call
Habitat Scenes Call
Glass Cases Call
Coffee and End Tables Call

Jason Brunell
State and Federally Licensed Taxidermist
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