Jason Brunell's Taxidermy

Field Care Tips




Do not breast out or gut your bird if you want your trophy mounted. The best way to preserve your bird is to place it into a plastic bag and freeze as soon as possible or put it on ice.

  1. Bring your bird to me shortly after your hunt. This ideal situation allows me to inspect your bird before it is frozen to determine if it is a good specimen for mounting.

Concerns with any bird may be pin feathers (feathers that are not fully developed) and the overall plumage of the bird. Another concern is shot or damaged feathers, some feathers may be fixed or repaired, such wing or tail feathers. Blood on feathers is not a concern or problem because birds are washed and blood/dirt comes out when soaked in a solution.

Getting a specimen that is fully feathered is essentail to a quality mount.




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